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ESPA embraces ‘Borla Taxis” to keep cities clean

The Environmental Service Providers Association (ESPA), has introduced a tricycle scheme, which is aimed at regularising the operations of waste collectors in the informal sector, by harmonising their activities with those of their contractors.

According to the Executive Secretary of ESPA, Ms Ama Ofori Antwi, the scheme is
a strategic project that has been designed to keep Accra and other major cities in the country clean and has become necessary, due to the widespread activities of the informal solid waste collectors popularly called ‘borla taxi’ operators.

She said the although the activities of informal waste collectors who use their tricycles to collect refuse at a fee from residents and commercial facilities were now well-rooted in most of the major cities in the country, particularly, Accra, their mode of operation brought them into confrontation with accredited private solid waste collectors who have contracts with metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies (MMDAs), to provide solid waste collection services.

“While the borla taxi operators play an important role in complementing the work of ESPA contractors, especially those who are unable to access slum areas, they are currently unregulated, thus dumping the waste at unapproved sites. This defeats the very service they are seeking to provide by creating more problems for the assemblies and assigned contractors in their concessions,” Ms Antwi said.

She stated that it was in view of the challenges posed by the informal waste collectors, that ESPA sought a holistic approach to bridge the gap, and under the project also provide dumping sites to control the indiscriminate disposal of refuse by them under the ESPA Tricycle Scheme.


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