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Bright Green Beginnings

Environmental Service Providers Association was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee in 2001 to serve as an advocacy body for environmental service providers in Ghana. ESPA is an Association of Waste Management Companies providing both solid and liquid waste management services within the Metropolitan/Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs

The Golden Years

ESPA has provided high quality environmental and heritage services to a diversity of clients for a wide range of project types. Our experienced, interdisciplinary team offers the technical skills and knowledge to protect the environment, satisfy regulatory requirements, benefit our clients, and support local communities. We pride ourselves on our scientific integrity and our ability to effectively meet our nation's needs. 1980 - 1991


Improved procurement processes through the implementation of Public Procurement Act, 2003 (Act 663) which has resulted in competition in the delivery of services among service providers. Application of the polluter pays principle which has taken a substantial financial burden off the Internally Generated Funds (IGF) and Common Fund allocation to the MMDAs. The execution of franchise agreements /contracts with the MMDAs, which has resulted in the injection of private capital into the waste management industry. Investment by the private sector into modern highly efficient appropriate equipment like the refuse compactors, roll-on/off skips loading trucks. Brought environmental issues to the forefront of public discourse through engagement with the media and other partners.

Waste Management Today

ESPA’s membership has now expanded to include Liquid Waste Management Sector; Solid Waste Management Sector; Industrial Waste Management Sector; Waste Oil Treatment Sector; Recycling Companies; Scrap dealers; Janitorial pest control service providers; Landfill Management Sector; Waste Energy Sector; Mini Carts and Truck Pushers ‘Kayaboola‘.

Sustainability Experts


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